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Early redemption

Almost all issues available on the platform have an option of early redemption of investment on the terms defined by the "White paper". This is the so-called offer - the company's obligation to redeem the Tokens issued by it in full or in part ahead of time.

In case of early repayment of tokens investors are paid the nominal value of tokens, as well as income for the actual number of days of token ownership, starting from the first day of the accrual period (according to the schedule of accrual of income on tokens). Tokens are redeemed by depositing Stable Coins to virtual wallets of investors.

If the "White Paper" has an option of early redemption on investment, this procedure consists of two stages:

1. stage of collecting requests from investors for early redemption;

2. stage of early redemption in accordance with the submitted requests.

In cases where the total volume of submitted requests for early redemption of tokens exceeds the maximum volume of early redemption of tokens set in the "White Paper", the satisfaction of requests is carried out on a proportional basis. The calculation of the number of early redeemable tokens is made taking into account rounding down to an integer.

In addition, at any time during the token circulation period, the ICO Customer has the right to make a decision on early redemption of the tokens totally or in part at an earlier date than stipulated in the "White Paper: declaration. Meanwhile, the ICO Customer notifies the investors of the intention to redeem the tokens in circulation ahead of schedule a few calendar days before the date of the early redemption procedure.

Besides, during the token circulation period, the ICO Customer may reach an agreement between him and any token owner(s) to carry out early redemption of tokens on dates other than the above.